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Math Department

Chris Laberge (Department Head)

Chris LaBergeChris Laberge grew up in Napa, California. He traveled across the country in middle school and high school racing road bikes and enjoys hiking, being outdoors and cheering on the San Jose Sharks! LaBerge studied at SSU in the Mathematics department where he found enjoyment learning about Hyperbolic Geometry, Combinatorics among other subsets of math. LaBerge earned his Single Subject Teaching Credential from SSU and has been teaching at this site since. 

Email: | Extension: 23218

Karyna Gomez-Guevara

Karyna Gomez-GuevaraKaryna Gomez-Guevara was born and raised in Sonoma California. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education and a Single Subject Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University. Teaching Mathematics is something she is very passionate about because it was a dream of hers since she was in middle school. Thus, she strives to create a positive learning environment in which students have the agency to advocate for themselves and are motivated to follow their dreams. She appreciates being part of the CCLA community because she always hoped to teach at a bilingual school and work with newcomers. Karyna loves to dance, travel, spend time with family, be outdoors, and participate in artistic activities.

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Deborah Ramos

Deborah RamosDeborah Ramos has lived in Sonoma County her entire life, mostly residing in Santa Rosa. She attended Santa Rosa City Schools from elementary school through high school, attended Santa Rosa Junior College, and is a graduate of Sonoma State University. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a Single-Subject Teaching Credential, a Master’s Degree in Education with a Mathematics Emphasis, and a Supplemental Science Teaching Credential, and has been teaching for over 20 years. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys traveling, sailing, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, and camping. She enjoys looking for interesting ways to enrich the mathematics curriculum and finding applications of mathematics in day to day life. One of her favorite movies is Stand and Deliver and she also firmly believes that “math is the great equalizer.”

Email: | Extension: 23222