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School Common Student Dress Code

Cesar Chavez Language Academy’s Common Dress Code adheres to Santa Rosa City Schools’ Board Policy 5132 and Administrative Regulation 5132.  It is expected that students will come to school appropriately attired including a neat, clean, and complete dress code. We ask that the clothing be sized appropriately.


The suggested school attire, including styles and colors, applies to all students.

  1. Parents that require a waiver are encouraged to meet with the Principal one week prior to two weeks after the start of the school year.
  2. Parents requiring financial assistance are encouraged to meet with the Principal to come up with a mutual plan for obtaining financial help. Every effort will be made to assist students who need financial assistance.
  3. Our goal is to have a clothing exchange program during each academic year.
  4. Our goal is to have clothing with the CCLA logo available for purchase at the school.


Tops should be solid white. For parents concerned with white tops, there is an option of solid Forest or Hunter green top.

  1. Shirts must have a collar (Oxford style, polo or girls’ collar blouses).  
  2. Shirts can be long or short sleeved.
  3. Shirts should cover the midriff but not be longer than hip level.
  4. On designated school days, such as school spirit day or as requested by classroom teachers, students may wear their CCLA t-shirt.


Sweatshirts and sweaters of all types

  1. V-neck, crew neck, and cardigan and zipper down should be solid Forest or Hunter green, solid white or black.
  2. Any school sweater is allowed and available through the school.


Winter Jackets and Rain Coats

  1. Any color and combination EXCEPT solid blue or red.
  2. Jackets and rain coats may include designs.


Bottoms and jumpers should be solid khaki or black

  1. Only Transitional Kindergarten (Kindergarten Academy), Kindergarten and 1st grade students may wear soft cotton sweats and elastic shorts/pants on any day.
  2. Students in grades 2 through 5 may wear soft cotton sweats and elastic shorts/pants only on designated days upon teacher request.
  3. Pants and shorts may not be cargo style, sweats, or denim.
  4. Jumpers and skirts must be knee length. Shorts, leggings or tights must be worn underneath.
  5. Skorts must be knee length
  6. Leggings must be solid black or white.
  7. Pants must fit at the waist and not be more than one size too large or small. If belts are worn, they must be the correct size and not hang down from the waist.                                                


No jackets, outerwear or any other article of clothing should contain words, letters, designs, or pictures depicting gang related affiliation, drugs, alcohol, or obscenities.

Sports team logos are acceptable on jackets and raincoats.

Not permitted on any school day

  • Sandals, sling backs, or heels (no open-toed shoes)
  • Dangling earrings
  • Tight fitting, baggy or inappropriate length attire
  • Halter tops, tank tops, crop tops, or low cut tops

Styles And Colors






(Khaki or Black)










(Khaki or Black)

Long Sleeve Oxford


Long Sleeve Blouse

(White or Green)





Short Sleeve Polo

(White or Green)

Short Sleeve Oxford


Short Sleeve Blouse

(White or Green)

Cardigan Sweater



short white



V-neck Cardigan


Long Sleeve Polo

(White or Green)

Green Sweater

V-neck Sweater







Where can I purchase School Clothes

A subcommittee of the Bilingual Advisory Board did some research on the costs and where to purchase clothing.  Below are some estimates at the time of this research (Fall of 2014).













Old Navy




Cesar Chavez Language Academy has joined French Toast’s Dollars In Uniform Program™! Our school now earns cash back on every order placed by phone at 1-800-373-6248 or on their website Be sure to add our school’s source code QS5KCDJ at checkout to insure credit.
The Cesar Chavez Language Academy dress code can now be found on, to begin shopping simply visit

1. Visit and Click on “Shop By School” in the top navigation of our site
2. Enter our school code (QS5KCDJ)
3. Click on our School Name
4. Shop our school’s dress code list


César Chávez Language Academy se ha unido con un Programa de Uniforme ™! Nuestra escuela ahora gana dinero en efectivo con cada pedido realizado por teléfono al 1-800-373-6248 o en su página web Asegúrese de usar el código QS5KCDJ de nuestra escuela para asegurar crédito.

El código de vestimenta de CCLA ahora se puede encontrar en, para empezar a comprar sólo tienes que visitar

1. Visite y haz clic en "Ver por la Escuela" en la barra de navegación superior del sitio
2. Use nuestro código escolar (QS5KCDJ)
3. Haga clic en el nombre de nuestra escuela
4. Haga compras en nuestra lista de código de vestimenta de la escuela

Common Dress Forms

Board policy provides understanding & flexibility regarding Student Common Dress.

Exemption Waiver

Financial Assistance Petition

Petición Para Exención

Petición Para Ayuda Financiera


  1. Shoelaces, beanies, gloves, belts, and scarves, are allowed.
  2. Ball caps are only allowed on designated days or upon teacher request.
  3. Beanies and ball caps may not be worn indoors unless granted school permission.
  4. Accessories may be any color EXCEPT solid blue or red.
  5. All sports logos are prohibited, except on designated days (field trips, spirit days, etc.)


We ask that parents make every effort to see that their children arrive at school in the proper attire. If a student arrives out of uniform, the teacher will send home a form identifying the issues. The first occurrence is a warning. If there are future violations, the parent will be required to bring the appropriate clothing to school before the student can be admitted to class. Repeated violations will require a parent/teacher/principal conference. If there is an extenuating circumstance the parent should communicate directly with the Principal.